VSS level IGA Training: (IGAs) consist of small businesses managed by a group of people to increase their household income through livelihood diversification.  It is to produce for the market and furthermore it can be called micro or small-scale enterprise, whether it is managed at individual or group level. Women involved in small business development generally should have knowledge of the prevailing economic environment and business conditions.

In this regard project staffs motivated and organized various types IGA skilled based training for VSS village SHG members to improve the livelihood opportunities. After received the training they are also produces of products and increase their income sources. The details IGA skilled based training are given in the below table:


List are the Training details conducted at VSS, Jharsuguda Forest Division

SL No Name of the Training & CB Date of Conducted No of Participants
1 Mushroom Cultivation 23.05.2019 125
2 Badi, Pampad, Pickle making 15.06.2018 250