Social Audit at VSS level has been envisaged under OFSDP II as an empowering tool, which contribute significantly in involving the communities for need based planning and effective monitoring of works, resulting transparency in the implementation processes. In this regard social audit has been conducted in all VSSs during this financial year. All the VSS members were attended and participated in the Social Audit process. The Member Secretary shared the achievements of reporting period vs Annual Plan, accounts, expenditure, wage payment details in public & clarify their issues/doubts. FMU Team, PNGO and Animators were jointly facilitated for smooth conduct of Social Audit. Representative of the Gram Panchayat, Block Panchayat, Forest Department, Revenue Department were participated in the social audit process. The Team of 7 members were verified all the work at field level and also verified all the records and register maintained by the VSS. The team had submitted  their field observation report as per the format to the Executive Committee duly signed by all the committee members .The proceedings of the social audit along with the report of the team constituted to cross the work in the field were submitted to FMU Chief .The FMU Chief has forwarded the proceedings of the social audit of each VSSs to DMU Chief by incorporating his own observations on the transparency aspects in implementation of project intervention for each project VSS.Similarly DMU Chief has forwarded the proceedings of the social audit of each VSSs along with  his own observations on the transparency aspects for each FMU to PMU.

Monitoring & Evaluation of the Project Activities 

Monitoring is the key approach to bring in transparency and efficiently track the project implementation. The monitoring would be under taken following multiple approaches-field visit, periodic reviews, reporting, assessment and feedbacks. Rigorous monitoring enables to ring alarm bells or helps in highlighting critical issues so that timely corrective measures are taken. Whereas the evaluation of implementation of activities is useful to examine the progress in terms of out puts as well as outcomes of the project.

In this context DMU, Jharsuguda have been deployed internal verification teams to monitor all the activities in respect to physical and financial of VSS area under Belpahar, Bagdihi and Kolabira FMU. Similarly, an external team also deployed from RCCF, Sambalpur to evaluate the activities in the VSS area under Jharsuguda Forest Division. Project Management Unit team also regularly visited and gave valuable suggestions for better implementation of the activities under OFSDP II

Monitoring through Web-Application

IMS portal is being utilized for capturing the progress and achievements on day-to-day basis. The output reports generated from IMS portal  are given the status of project performance. This Web Application is being used to access the GIS data from the server from any remote location. All the project sites and treatment area are being geo-coded and translated on digitized maps for planning and analysis.